Bay 1 Driving School, Inc.



Life happens, so cancellations are going to happen. However, we still have to pay our
instructors for their time when a short-notice cancellation occurs. So, we ask that you please be
mindful of everyone’s time.
● There are no refunds or transfers on the lessons. All sales are final.
● Lessons are valid for one year from the date of the first appointment. Any lessons that are unused
during that period are forfeited. No refunds will be issued for unused lessons
Lateness Policy: Instructors wait for 15 minutes after the lesson is scheduled to start. If you
arrive late, the lesson still ends at the scheduled stop time. If you are not there within that 15
minutes, you are a no-show. NO Exceptions.
No-Show Policy: If you are a no-show for a lesson, the total amount due for the lesson will still
be charged, and the lesson is forfeited. NO Exceptions.
● Payment should be made preferably at the beginning of the lesson. You can pay up front for all
lessons or pay as you go.
● If you do not have a valid original learner’s permit you may still register for lessons, but we cannot
schedule an appointment until one is obtained.
● Students may choose to use their own vehicle for the last lesson prior to the driving test. Bay 1
Driving School will NOT be responsible for any damages during the lesson.
● Cancellations or any changes to scheduled lessons must be made 48 hours prior to the
lesson. Any cancellations not made 48 hours prior the scheduled time will incur an $80
cancellation fee. (Fee may be waived with a doctor’s note if applicable).
LESS THAN 8 HOUR NOTICE OR STUDENT NO SHOW: Cancellations or No-Shows which
are within 8 hours of the scheduled appointment, or are the result of the instructor showing up
for the lesson, and the student either cancels at the time of the lesson, or is not present will
result in full payment of the lesson.
● Students must wear closed toed shoes, any student not wearing closed toed shoes will not be
allowed to drive. Additionally, students are not permitted to drive barefoot.
● All students must have their valid original DMV permit on their person during the lesson. Failure
to produce an original DMV permit at the time of the lesson will result in cancellation for that
lesson. And an $80 cancellation will apply.
● Checks without funds will incur a $100 fee.
● If a student has any outstanding balances, no certificates of completion can be issued and any
remaining lessons will be put on hold until they are paid off. Fees can be paid for at the time of
pick up.
● Any lost or misplaced certificate of completion can be replaced for a $50 fee.

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